YYHSND Foldable Multi-Function Wheel Children’s Bed Removable Baby Toy Pen Crib Cradle Bed 100×77cm Child Protection (Color : A) review

Along with the usual stationary cots, you can find cozy and soft cradles for newborns in baby stores. It is believed that in such a cradle the baby will be more comfortable, because its shape resembles mother’s favorite tummy. Also, thanks to the design of the cradle, it is easy to rock the child, and there is no need to take him on the arms.

Thinking about YYHSND Foldable Multi-Function Wheel Children’s Bed Removable Baby Toy Pen Crib Cradle Bed 100×77cm Child Protection (Color : A)? Read the review in our article!

YYHSND Foldable Multi-Function Wheel Children's Bed Removable Baby Toy Pen Crib Cradle Bed 100×77cm Child Protection (Color : A)

Product Detail

The baby guardrail can be folded and retracted for storage and transportation. It is easy to carry and easy to carry. You can create an independent safety space for your baby indoors, outdoors, picnics, beaches or family parties anytime, anywhere.
Do you have a lot of toys for your baby to make a mess at home? In fact, it is an oversized toy fence savings cabinet. You can put your baby’s toy on the fence. Usually, the baby will play on the fence. It will let the baby play in the heart and keep a clean and tidy home.

●Product specifications:
– Name: Game Fence
-Material: Alloy steel pipe + Oxford net
– Applicable age: 6 months / 12 months / 18 months / 2 years / 3 years old

-High-quality materials
– Meet the latest safety standards
– Flexible and configurable for room size
– large space for 4-6 children

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Why does a baby need a cradle?

The cradle is used to ensure the comfort of the baby, as well as to reduce the stress on the mother. In this case, the most comfortable conditions are created for the newborn, in which he feels protected. The presence of the vibration block contributes to the transmission of sound, as if inside the womb – there he heard mainly the vibrations created by the voice of others and passing through the water. Therefore, vibration has a positive effect on the condition of the child, allows you to calm him down. And the measured rocking of the cradle only enhances the effect.

Deep sides, the ability to create dim light, soft finishing materials – all this creates additional comfort. As for the mother, her convenience is ensured by the compact size and low weight of the cradle. It can be placed near the bed, you will not need to get up at night. You can also put it in the kitchen while your parents are preparing food. Portability is one of the biggest factors. You can rock the baby not in the hands, but in the cradle, so that the back is less tired.

What is a cradle?

A traditional cradle is a small cot or basket mounted on special supports or suspended by handles. The main purpose of the product is to rock the baby. All models, even the simplest, can cope with this function. More expensive items can be supplemented with various options and useful accessories. Some psychologists are sure that a baby who has recently left a cozy tummy is comfortable sleeping in a cradle, where he feels protected. In such a “nest” all conditions are created, in many respects similar to those in which the baby spent 9 months. According to the parents’ observations, the child, who during the first months fell asleep in the cradle, subsequently easily adapts to a more “adult” crib.

Why take a baby in your arms

Fortunately, many modern parents refuse to apply to infants from birth such educational measures as “letting one shout out” in a crib, teaching them “to be independent” (this is a nursing baby!), And most importantly – in no case take it in your arms so that he does not get used to and does not spoil. Now it has been scientifically proven that these harsh methods will not bring anything except an undermined psyche and violations in the relationship between parents and children in the future. Children should not be left alone to learn to be their own pacifiers, as parents sometimes advise. This detached approach to childcare is contrary to both common sense and experience. In the course of research, it has been repeatedly proven that in the absence of a mother, children behave more nervous and disorganized.

Increasingly, experts say that unrestricted carrying of a child in his arms contributes to his development, both physical and mental. There is a so-called “manual period” (up to about three months; after three months, the baby also needs to be carried in her arms, but not all the time), during which the baby must be constantly carried in her mother’s arms. And if he does not receive this due to the fact that the mother decides “not to teach the child to hand,” then the baby may withdraw, stop trusting his mother and not ask for a hand at all, because he gets better alone. Some children begin to demand what nature itself has laid in them (this is also called the innate expectation of a baby), namely: unlimited carrying. And if the mother for some reason does not give this to the child, then her actions do not correspond to the innate expectation of the baby, and then he becomes restless and often cries. Children, who are often and a lot carried in their arms, as well as kissed and stroked, develop better, are calmer. They direct their energy not to continuous crying, but to growth. Moreover, the positive effect of bodily contact between a mother and a child is noted throughout the living world.

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