What is a convertible crib

Surely many of you are wondering whether to buy a convertible crib, a normal crib, or directly wait for the baby to grow.

It’s one of those unpleasant feelings because you want the best for your baby without breaking the bank.

It is true that there are many possibilities and all are different according to the priorities of each family. A convertible bed is an investment for the future. It is much more than just a cradle. A convertible crib will become your baby’s room for years.

What is a convertible crib

Definition of a convertible crib

Babies grow fast, but everything stays small, especially the crib. This change involves ongoing expenditure. Thanks to the convertible cribs, you can use the same furniture you used in your child’s early life up to adolescence. You will get more comfort and save money.

And this is the most interesting aspect: at first glance, it looks like just a cradle, but with a few simple gestures, it turns into a structure with a bed or other furniture, such as a chest of drawers, a desk, or a bedside table. The convertible crib will accompany your baby throughout his childhood, childhood, and adolescence.

Is a convertible bed the same as a folding bed?

It can happen to fall into error and confuse folding beds with transformable ones. The folding beds are designed to be light and easily transportable. They are very practical for traveling and can be moved effortlessly from room to room, from the living room to the parents’ bedroom. These beds are not transformable.

On the contrary, the progressive beds are generally designed to remain fixed in the chosen place, they are therefore heavier and not all models are equipped with wheels. Their main feature is that they transform from a crib into a children’s bed so that they can then be reused when the little one grows up. Also, depending on the model, they may include various accessories.

How does the convertible bed adapt to the growth of the child?

First of all, most of the convertible cribs on the market are made with different net heights to perfectly fit the size of the child. If the baby is small, you and your back will greatly appreciate the maximum height solution, as you will have to pick him up and lay him in the cot several times a day.

On the other hand, when the child grows a little more, you can lower the height of the net and prevent your child from climbing over safety barriers or even risk falling. When the time comes to leave the cot (around four years old depending on the child), it will transform into a bed with adjustable height to adapt to the size of the child.

What are the benefits of convertible cribs?

Convertible cribs are among the favorite models of parents due to their versatility.

This type of cradle, in fact, has the prerogative of being able to be used for a longer period of time than standard and traditional models.

When the baby is born, the convertible crib begins to be used as a classic model with protective railings on the four sides of the structure. This type of cribs are equipped with a special feature that allows you to adjust the mattress height; in the first phase of the child’s life, this must be positioned at the highest level, and then gradually moved downwards as the child grows so that the baby when it reaches the moment in which it can stand, do not can climb over the railing. Around the age of 2, a convertible cradle can be transformed into a cot with partial lateral protection, which, while leaving the baby free, however, prevents him from falling out of bed during sleep.

Around the age of 4, the cot can become life-size, allowing the total removal of the side protection and thus accompanying the child even during his adolescence.

In summary, a convertible crib avoids the need to purchase multiple different beds as a child grows.

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