What ages are toddler beds suitable for

What should be considered when choosing a size for a cot, not only the current height is the yardstick for calculating the bed size according to the 10-centimeter rule. That means 10 centimeters of space should be included at the top and bottom for a suitable, comfortable lying surface. In addition to this actual size, however, there is also the constant growth of the child. Therefore, a children’s bed with a non-toxic children’s mattress should also offer sufficient space for sleeping, moving, and growing in the future. Of course, the exact growth of your child cannot be determined beforehand. There are also some measured values ​​that you can use as a guide. The lists of the bed size that suitable for baby, toddler, school child and more are as follows:

What ages are toddler beds suitable for

Bed sizes by age: babies and children

0-1 year: baby

The little ones spend the first nine to 12 months of their new life with a lot of sleep. Therefore, a cozy baby bed in the right size is very important. The sizes 60 × 120 and 70 × 140 cm have established themselves in the bed industry. These medium-sized beds, especially 60 × 120 cm, are ideal for growing into newborns up to toddlers. The alternative: sleep in the parents’ bed.

1-3 years: small children

Toddlers generally refer to children up to around the age of three. In this age group, the sizes 60 × 120 cm or 70 × 140 cm are also easily enough for a comfortable bed.

4-6 years: toddlers & children

The transition between toddler and child is fluid. Here, too, a bed with a mattress measuring 60 × 120 cm may be sufficient. Depending on the growth, choose 70 × 140 cm or 70 × 160 cm.

6-12 years: children and school children

A child reached primary school age at the age of 6. Taking into account the individually growing body, a baby and toddler bed measuring 70 × 140 cm is still suitable at first. Later, the child reaches the size for a 70 × 160 cm cot. However, at this age, the child gets a strong growth spurt. A bed measuring 70 × 200, 80 × 200 or 90 × 200 cm can therefore be the better choice as early as the end of primary school age. It is also a better financial solution in the long term.

12-and up years: bed systems for adolescents to adults

Nowadays, people’s height is increasing rapidly. School-age children have also seen significant growth in high school. Therefore, a normal adult bed with some room to grow is just right here. The perfect single bed is 90 cm wide and 200 cm long for a comfortable lying surface with freedom of movement. In addition to bed sizes such as 90 × 200 or 100 × 200 cm, special sizes such as 90 × 190 cm are also made. For tall people, there are now many manufacturers with excess lengths of 210 and 220 cm. With a double bed for yourself and your partner, the demands in terms of length and width are of course based on both sleepers.

Accessories for the sleeping corner in the bedroom

Here is a list of accessories to combine to make the child’s bed a comfortable and functional space:

  • a bedside table or, in any case, a support surface within his reach so that the child can keep what he needs next to him: a handkerchief for the night, a little book, a glass of water, etc.
  • a  lamp or wall lamp that the child can turn on independently and, therefore, with the switch positioned at his height. On the market, there are many lamps designed especially for them, with all the precautions for safety and made so that you can not touch the incandescent bulb;
  • the sides to avoid falling out of bed in sleep. There are different types: interlocking, lever, of variable widths, and heights. I recommend shorter sides of the bed to leave a passage for the child, better towards the back, from where to get on and off the bed freely;
  • colored curtain or canopy fabrics to create a cozy corner or a secret refuge in the bed, possibly to be mounted only occasionally to propose the corner – much loved by younger children or just a different game than usual;
  • wallpaper or wall stickers to decorate the walls near the bed with characters and animals to make the rest corner more cheerful and fun. The warm and neutral colors on the walls and being relaxing and well matched with the furnishings, are an excellent base for stickers.

Children’s bedroom: mistakes to avoid

To make a lasting expense over time, a “children’s room” is often bought for children who are still in their early childhood period.

We soon realize that, in truth, this type of room is not at all suitable for them: not only is there a clear disproportion of the furnishings, but pre-school children carry out activities in the bedroom that are very different from those of a teenager. or a schoolboy, which is why the little ones need different spaces and sizes (which we will discuss in a future article).

Here is a brief handbook of the errors that are best avoided when buying the bedroom, often coinciding with the purchase of the bed:

  • buy beds that are too high with the result that younger children are unable to climb or sit comfortably;
  • buy wardrobes that are not very accessible, with handles placed too high or with an inconvenient opening for a child;
  • buy desks that are too high (usually included in the composition of the bedrooms): I recommend fitting adjustable legs to the worktop in order to obtain a table at a child’s height that, over time, can rise following the evolution of the children.
    Conversely, until the child has grown sufficiently, it is better to put the desk aside to avoid unnecessary clutter in the room, as well as a foreign object placed in his exclusive space;
  • buy the adult chair (combined with the desk), which is best set aside to prevent it from taking up space – and if equipped with wheels, it becomes a dangerous object -, at least until the child can really use it;
  • mount the shelves in the children’s room at the height of an adult making them unusable by them. The shelves must be mounted at about 80cm from the ground, so as to be accessible and to perform their function of object holder.

Children’s bedroom: some advice

  • it is essential to equip the bedroom with a piece of furniture or a bookcase with shelves at child’s height so that you can immediately store your toys and things independently;
  • it is essential to provide a support base or a low shelf at the height of a child where he can freely lean to play.
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