Toddler Bed, Classic Design Wood Bed Frame w/Two Side Safety Guardrails & Wooden Slat Support for Kids Boys & Girls, Children Sleeping Bedroom Furniture (White) review

Start by asking yourself about your real need for a toddler bed. If you have little space, a bunk bed, a loft bed, or a combined bed may be essential. But be careful because these children’s beds often cost a little more than the others. If you run out of storage, turn to a bed with drawers.

Here is the Toddler Bed, Classic Design Wood Bed Frame w/Two Side Safety Guardrails & Wooden Slat Support for Kids Boys & Girls, Children Sleeping Bedroom Furniture (White) review to help you choose the right bed for your child.

Toddler Bed, Classic Design Wood Bed Frame w/Two Side Safety Guardrails & Wooden Slat Support for Kids Boys & Girls, Children Sleeping Bedroom Furniture (White)

Product Detail

1. Perfect for transition from crib to big-kid bed
2. Simplistic, elegant design
3. Guardrails on either side of the bed for added security
4. 8 inches from floor, safe and convenient for little kids to climb in and out of bed
5. Made from strong and sturdy wood, stable and durable
1. Material: Pine Wood & Plywood
2. Color: White? Brown ? Gray
3. Dimensions: 53″ x 30″ x 24.5″ (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 20.94 lbs / 9.5 kg
5. Gender: Boys, Girls
6. Age Group: Toddler
Package Includes:
1 x Baby Toddler Bed
1 x Manual

Type of child bed

The choice of a bed model is largely determined by the age of the child. There is a huge difference between a crib for a newborn and a sleeping place for a teenager because they perform different tasks. But even in its age category, furniture can vary quite a lot.

According to the age criterion, beds are distinguished:

1. For newborns

The main task in the early stages of life is for the baby to feel calm and so that the mother can afford a little rest or do household chores. Best options for newborns:

  • cradles – small cots for babies up to 8 months old, equipped with a motion sickness mechanism, small dimensions make them easy to carry from place to place;
  • rocking chairs (on runners) – suitable for children under 3 years of age, such a crib swings with the whole body, the amplitude depends on the shape of the runners, often manufacturers provide for the possibility of subsequently removing the runners or replacing them with wheels;
  • pendulums – only a place to sleep is movable, the swing mechanism can be with longitudinal or lateral movement, or it can be universal, that is, the direction of motion sickness can be changed;
  • playpens – a sleeping place in the daytime turns into a play area; the relative lightness of the structure is compensated by reliable legs that provide stability, even if the baby rests on the side.
  • transformers – cribs combine several functions: a cradle, a chest of drawers, a diaper. This saves space and costs; as they grow older, a number of elements can be removed, turning a cozy cradle into a full-fledged bed that will last a child at least up to 10 years

2. age 3 to 5

This category automatically includes transformers that “grow” with their owners.

Classic preschool beds – single beds, with removable or fixed protective sides, often complemented by drawers for storing linen. Bumpers can be mounted on one or both sides.

Themed beds are not much different in design from the classic ones, but they have a brighter and more interesting design for children. The most common options are toy cars. But they can also be made in the form of rockets, castles, ships, etc. Like the classic options, they are usually equipped with sides and drawers for linen.

3. For schoolchildren and teenagers

Beds for schoolchildren and adolescents on the market are represented by the following types:

  • classic – has a frame, headboard, footboard; this model is an ideal solution for spacious bedrooms and is able to provide maximum psychological comfort during relaxation;
  • a transformer wardrobe bed – a design when a standard bed in the daytime is located vertically and hidden behind the front of the wardrobe, and at night it goes down and turns into a full-fledged sleeping place;
  • loft bed – a two-level structure with an upper bed, the lower tier may remain empty, or it may have a work area, sports corner or wardrobe in the lower part;
  • podium bed – a retractable structure built into the podium, where you can place any other furniture.
  • The two-tier model stands apart, in which there are two berths located one above the other. If necessary, many options can subsequently become a separate sleeping area.

How to choose a toddler bed

A comfortable and beautiful bed is a must for a child’s room. The well-being and even health of the child depend on how cozy and comfortable the sleeping place is. When choosing a children’s sleeping bed, several nuances should be taken into account at once: the age of the child, the quality and environmental friendliness of the materials from which the product is made, the safety of the structure.

Opt for a scalable childbed

Some cribs can only be used for a few years, while others follow your child’s growth. If you choose a convertible bed, just make sure the bed size adjustment is simple to use.

Prefer a single child’s bed without a mattress

Some manufacturers sell children’s beds with a box spring and mattress included. If you think you’re getting a good deal, it might not be so much. Some mattresses are true of poor quality, and you will have to buy another one to ensure the comfort of your child. So sometimes it is better to buy it separately.

Choose a bed height suitable for your child

This aspect is important since it will condition the autonomy of your child. With a low bed, your kid will be able to climb up and down easily. Otherwise, he’ll need your help. You need to be extra careful at this point if you want to buy a bed for a still young child. You can also discover a selection of mezzanine beds or bunk beds.

Choose a bed design with your child

If this question may seem secondary, it is nevertheless important because your child will be all the more comfortable if he likes the bed you bought him. Choose it together, you will thus help to enhance and empower it! Find our selection of cabin beds and designer cribs for other suggestions.

Toddler Beds
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