Tadpoles Deluxe Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Ivory review

If you are going to be moms and dads soon you will surely be asking yourself this question: Where will my baby sleep? What is the best place for a newborn to rest? All parents ask the same thing: that you say good night and sleep. Where, especially the first months, depends a little on your needs, what they can lend you, the space in your house.

A Moses basket like the Tadpoles Deluxe Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Ivory is recommended for you. Read this review before you decide.

Tadpoles Deluxe Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Ivory

Product Detail

A great first bed for baby. Woven from pure Moroccan palm leaf, the Moses Basket has been a popular baby bedding solution for centuries and offers baby a comfortable and secure alternative to bassinets and cradles. Recommended for use with newborns up to 15 lbs. or 3 months, the Moses basket keeps baby close at hand during an afternoon or evening snooze. Once your baby outgrows the basket, turn the baby basket into a laundry or storage basket! Warning: Moses basket is NOT for carrying baby; make sure baby is out of the basket before it is picked up or moved.

Why Moses basket?

The Moses baskets or bassinet basket may be an option for your baby to sleep in a comfortable and welcoming way and it is an easy option, light for moms and dads move from one room to another. But considering the limited use of a bassinet basket that is only suitable for the first few months of a baby’s life, is it worth investing in one then?

If, after reading the pros and cons below, you decide not to buy a Moses basket, it is good that you choose very well. The main advantage of basiness basket is that they last a long time – they can be used as a crib and junior bed.

Choosing a Moses basket


  • Lightweight and fairly easy to store.
  • Moses baskets are easy to move.
  • It can be rested on the floor, or raised with a Moses basket stand.
  • The baby feels comfortable and cozy.
  • Fabric hooded bassinet baskets keep your baby cool and shady.
  • It is cheaper than a baby crib.

The baskets are usually made bassinets strong wicker or corn. Many come equipped with a decorative mattress and covers to keep your baby cozy as well as adjustable hoods.


  • It can be used until your baby is able to pull it off, usually around three to four months.
  • Short handle, bassinet baskets are not suitable for carrying while your baby is inside.
  • It is a non-essential and extra cost baby equipment, especially if you are buying a new bassinet basket.

Moses basket stands

The wicker Moses basket should be placed on the floor on a flat surface – but if you prefer your baby to be higher up, you can invest in a wooden bassinet stan. These are generally collapsible and easy to store and some can be used to create a rocking bassinet effect to lull your baby to sleep.

Bassinet basket bedding

The baskets bassinets often come with blankets, sheets or blankets – but not all of them are used simultaneously. It doesn’t take that much to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature.

Safely use your Moses basket

  • Pick up the Moses basket with one hand to hold the straps and the other the base of the support basket.
  • Check that the straps on the bassinet basket are properly in good time to do so.
  • Wicker bassinet baskets should fit down on the floor, on a flat, not raised surface – unless you have a bassinet basket stand.
  • Inspect the Moses basket regularly for wear.
  • Do not use your bassinet basket once your baby reaches the maximum size and weight the basket can hold.

Whether you inherit it, or if you borrow it, you should pay close attention to this, because not everything goes and if it is not safe and complete, do not risk the integrity of your newborn:

  • They must be all the pieces and in good condition (if not see if you can buy or repair but very attentive to the attachment points on which will go cart and weight)
  • Be careful with the handles, check that they are very strong, and that they are not loose from the wicker so as not to have scares moving the newborn.
  • The structure must be solid and in perfect condition to support the baby’s weight.
  • If the frame has wheels, check that the brake works.
  • Check that the wicker is not broken so that any splinter can come out between the clothes and stick to your baby
  • Also note that there is no type of bug inside, which over the years, if not well preserved when stored, can get moth-eaten or even have other types of animal deterioration.

Moses Basket
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