Playpen Kids Kids Safety Playpen Game Fence Child Safety Activity Center Indoor Playground – 128x190x66cm Baby Playards review

Modern models of baby playpens or pack ‘n plays are not just a place for a child’s safe play, so when they come to the store, many parents have their eyes dazzled by the variety of choices.

The Playpen Kids Kids Safety Playpen Game Fence Child Safety Activity Center Indoor Playground – 128x190x66cm Baby Playards is a good play or play cot for your baby. Read this review before making a decision.

Playpen Kids Kids Safety Playpen Game Fence Child Safety Activity Center Indoor Playground - 128x190x66cm Baby Playards

Product Detail

  • Give your child the room they need to play freely while keeping them in a safe space with the versatile Playpen Gate.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – Our baby Playpen is made with strong durable materials that are non toxic to guarantee you a quality product that you’ll be happy with
  • STYLISH AND SAFE – Make it fun for children to play and learn with enough room for all baby’s essentials
  • This adorable safety playpen will create a gentle, comfortable and loving environment for your baby.

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How to choose a pack ‘n play

When buying a pack ‘n play or playpen, you need to consider some parameters:

  • The dimensions of the arena
  • The shape of the arena
  • Clearance between the railings and the size of the mesh cells
  • The presence of a hard bottom
  • Does the model have wheels
  • The possibility of folding the structure
  • The presence of additional accessories
  • Color

The size

It is clear that a more spacious pack ‘n play is best for a child, but such a structure is rather heavy and it will not be easy to move it around the house or take it with you on a vacation. If you have the financial opportunity, then it is better to buy two arenas – one is light, which you will take on trips, and the second is heavier – it is suitable for installation in an apartment. When choosing an arena, pay attention to the height of the sides. For an adult with an average height, it is better to choose a pack ‘n play, the height of the sides of which does not exceed 36 inches, in this case, there will be no problems in caring for the baby. If the height of the parents is below average, purchase an arena with a side height of up to 28 inches.

The form

Baby playpens are made in the form of an oval, circle, square, or they are made angular and in the form of a polygon. Pack ‘n plays are most often made in the traditional shape – rectangle and square. If you have a small apartment, it is better to choose a corner pack ‘n play, because it does not take up much space, while the baby will be comfortable and spacious in it.

The size of the mesh of the fence and the distance between the rails

Pediatricians believe that small mesh cells will negatively affect a child’s vision, and large ones contribute to injury. Therefore, it is better to choose an arena with a medium-size fence mesh and a light color.

When buying a wooden playpen, look at the distance between its slats – it is best if this distance is 2-3 inches. With this distance, the baby will not be able to get stuck by putting a leg, handle, or head between the slats. Also inspect the slats for various damage (chips, chipping, poorly processed areas).


If the pack ‘n play is equipped with wheels, it will be convenient for you to move it, but the wheels must have locks that will not allow the structure to “travel” around the room on its own.

Folding possibility

Pack ‘n plays are divided into three categories:

  • Umbrella
  • Book
  • Horizontal folding bed

“Umbrella” and “book” are best suited for transportation – they are compact, with a split bottom. If you have a horizontal folding crib, you will have to remove the side rails, which is not very convenient. But such models have a solid bottom. If you intend to use a mattress, then choose a folding model “umbrella” or “book”. Folding models have locks that will prevent the arena from folding up randomly.

Hard bottom

The presence of some hard bottom models will help your baby develop posture, but will not affect comfort. Most often, crib playpens are equipped with soft foam mattresses.


A playpen with additional accessories is much more practical than usual. If the playpen is equipped with plastic rings, then the baby will have a support that will help him to hold on when he gets up or starts taking his first steps. If the playpen is equipped with a motion sickness mechanism, the baby will fall asleep faster. If the playpen has a removable changing table, you don’t have to move it to another place to change clothes. Parents often buy a playpen that has arcs or brackets for hanging toys. Foldable models with a bag for carrying them are appreciated. There are also structures equipped with a net that will protect the baby from insects if you want to put a playpen in the yard.


If you need a pack ‘n play, it is better to choose neutral, calm tones, but the playpen should attract attention, so it can have a bright color.

Types of playpens

Playpen with mesh nets

The most popular variety, lightweight, affordable, easy to clean, versatile in shape. Larger models – playpens-books, can be folded and removed for the period of “downtime”. To keep such a device clean, it is enough to wipe the oilcloth bottom with a damp cloth. Such a playpen is quite safe: it is impossible to scratch its edges, the mesh is strong and you cannot get tangled in it. The main thing is, when buying, check that the sidewalls are well taut and do not sag.

Perhaps the only weak point of such an arena is the sides, usually upholstered with oilcloth or foam rubber. Their especially toothy children can gnaw, so parents should be vigilant and offer other entertainments to the nibbles – teethers (sometimes they come with the playpen itself) and durable toys.

Wooden arena

Overall, bulky, but the most environmentally friendly. The sides do not interfere with the view of the baby, he sees objects not “in the net”. But natural wood, especially untreated wood, is very difficult to clean. Varnish and paint are also gnawed quite quickly, therefore, special requirements are imposed on the strength of the coating, and the wood itself. You don’t want your little one to eat chips, do you? And one more thing: choose a similar playpen as well as a crib. In particular, the distance between the rods should be about 6 cm: a child’s head will not fit into such a gap, and small arms and legs will not get stuck.

Pack ‘n play

A very convenient travel option, because the child can play and sleep in it. True, psychologists believe that it is not worth using such a playpen as a permanent place of deployment: the baby must still distinguish between a place for games and a place for sleeping. But at the dacha, on a visit, children’s playpens that can be folded into a small bag on wheels are very convenient. I unrolled and finished the rookery-playground.

The walls of such pack ‘n play s are made of fabrics with a mesh, sometimes there is a hole in the sidewall that closes with a zipper – a manhole for grown-up children. Since this type of pack ‘n play is very popular, manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks and improvements.

For example, some offer an unconventional – trapezoidal – shape: the arena expands towards the base. This means that he will not roll over during the most violent games.

Another interesting option is to equip traditional crib playpens with all kinds of accessories: a changing table, a pocket for small items and accessories, a built-in mobile, and even an awning that will cover the baby from the sun. The bottom of such a playpen is height adjustable, so it is suitable even for newborn babies.

Inflatable playpens

It is impossible to get hurt about them, but they can only be inflated and installed in a spacious room.

Pack N Play
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