LOAOL Baby Lounger, Portable Co Sleeping Newborn Snuggle Infant Nest Bed Bassinets (GGY) review

With the birth of a baby, many parents try to provide him with the most comfortable sleeping conditions. Flat, firm mattresses for newborns began to be relegated to the background: today the baby lounger is in the spotlight.

Saying that, we recommend the LOAOL Baby Lounger, Portable Co Sleeping Newborn Snuggle Infant Nest Bed Bassinets (GGY) as the best baby lounger out there.

LOAOL Baby Lounger, Portable Co Sleeping Newborn Snuggle Infant Nest Bed Bassinets (GGY)

Product Detail

  • SOFT AND COZY : LOAOL portable baby lounger secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby. 31.4 inch H x 19.6 inch W, Health and skin-friendly material. Super soft 100% cotton cover, filled with 3D polymer material

  • PROVIDES A HEALTHY MICROCLIMATE: Fit for baby for 0-2 years old. LOAOL baby lounger is 100% handmade with organic cotton fabric, filled with hypoallergenic virgin polyester fiber, your baby’s health and safety is our first priority. Can be used in all seasons

  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Bring the comfort of your child’s bed with you on the road. The portable newborn lounger is lightweight and simple to travel with when used with its own transport bag. The lounger will help your little one feel at home wherever they are by providing a familiar place amongst the newness of traveling

  • EASES CRIB TO BED TRANSITION: The snuggle nest can help your baby get a comfortable transition from a baby nest to a big-kid bed. The bumper sides can give your little one a snug sense of security in their new and larger beds

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BABY NEST AND CO SLEEPING: With rounded sides, The LOAOL baby lounger helps create a barrier between baby and parents to give your child their own cozy space. When used in an adult bed properly, it offers a better way to co sleeping., it’s also great for: Tummy Time, Daytime Napping, Infant Massaging, Diaper Changing, Lounging and Playing

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How to choose baby lounger for newborns

When choosing any things for newborns, you should be extremely careful, since the products will contact the baby and can harm him. Tips from experienced buyers will help you choose the right baby lounger:

The main parameter is the size of the child. Some manufacturers make their models universal, so they are suitable for use by premature babies and those born on time.

Children weighing no more than 7 pounds are recommended to use special baby loungers. Most often in stores there are products designed for children with low weight.

When choosing a manufacturer, study user reviews for the product and its technical parameters.

Baby loungers, made in the form of a mattress, are endowed with an orthopedic base and help the child to take the correct and comfortable sleeping position. Another species is the nest cocoon. Here, a flat mattress is surrounded by special bumpers, due to which it simulates being in the womb. The kid in it feels as comfortable and protected as possible. These models are recommended for use at home.

If you will often move the baby lounger, then buy a cradle. It is equipped with handles for comfortable and safe carrying of the child.

An important parameter is the quality of construction materials. Natural cotton is most often used. It is breathable and does not create diaper rash.

The weight of the baby lounger should not exceed 4 pound.

Be sure to check the presence of the retaining strap and restraint before purchasing, as these will ensure safe use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each fashionable device for newborns has its supporters and opponents, pointing out all their advantages and disadvantages. Baby lounger for babies is no exception to the rule.

Among the advantages, the following are noted:

  • The cocoon provides a useful position for the newborn in the early days, close to being in the abdomen.
  • Statistics show that a baby’s sleep in a cocoon is calmer and more comfortable.
  • Positioning a newborn with raised legs in a cocoon helps prevent or relieve colic.
  • The soft surface of the baby lounger contributes to the correct formation of the newborn’s skull.

The disadvantages include:

  • High price. When a baby is born, parents have a lot of necessary purchases, a baby lounger for a newborn only increases these expenses.
  • Short use. If the crib is enough for several years of the baby’s life, then the baby lounger is needed only for the first three to four months. After that, they put it in the pantry to gather dust or try to sell it.

How to use baby lounger

Before use, the baby lounger is inspected for damage. Then the pillowcase is removed, and the child is placed in the cradle so that his head is located 2 inches from the top of the product. If necessary, the restraint is moved to the desired position (it should be under the baby’s buttocks). When everything is adjusted, they put on a pillowcase, fasten a belt to the cocoon, lay down and fix the baby.


What is a baby lounger for?

The baby lounger is needed for the smooth adaptation of the baby to the outside world after the mother’s womb in the first months of life.

Is a baby lounger harmful to newborns?

Most pediatricians have a positive attitude towards baby loungers and recommend their use. However, there are also opponents of this device, who highly do not recommend putting newborns in them.

How many hours can a newborn sleep in a baby lounger?

The amount of time spent in the baby lounger is not limited. Babies are recommended to be put in it for every sleep.

Up to what age should a baby lounger be used?

Use a baby lounger until the newborn learns to roll over on its own. Most often this happens at 3-4 months.

How to feed a newborn baby in a cocoon?

If a newborn is artificially fed, it is bottle fed without being pulled out of the baby lounger. During breastfeeding, it is better to pull the baby out and make yourself comfortable, and then place the baby back.

How to wash a baby’s nest baby lounger?

It all depends on the filler and the outer coating. Some baby lounger do not require washing at all; it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth; in some, only the cover is removed and washed.

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