Krunan Baby Lounger, Baby Nest Co Sleeper with Bumpers – Mini Portable Crib Pillow Bed, Bassinet – 100% Breathable Organic Cotton Infant, Newborn Snuggle Bed, Cosleeper, Cosleeping Babynest review

Among the modern “helpers” of mothers and fathers of newborns, one of the most useful is undoubtedly the baby lounger. This gadget appeared on the market of children’s goods not so long ago, but has already gained great popularity and recognition.

Saying that, we recommend the Krunan Baby Lounger, Baby Nest Co Sleeper with Bumpers – Mini Portable Crib Pillow Bed, Bassinet – 100% Breathable Organic Cotton Infant, Newborn Snuggle Bed, Cosleeper, Cosleeping Babynest as the best baby lounger out there.

Krunan Baby Lounger, Baby Nest Co Sleeper with Bumpers - Mini Portable Crib Pillow Bed, Bassinet - 100% Breathable Organic Cotton Infant, Newborn Snuggle Bed, Cosleeper, Cosleeping Babynest

Product Detail

  • ✅ [REINVENT THE WOMB] This bionic 360° uterus surrounding design mimics a mother’s womb. Newborns prefer to sleep in a familiar environment. They feel secured, snuggled and loved inside Krunan’s nest of love. It also trains them to sleep on their back, the best position for early spine development. Parents used our nest for harder to sleep babies. Better sleep means happier babies and parents.

  • ✅[CO-SLEEPING, TUMMY TIME, EASY CRIB TRANSITION] With a plush, 360° bumper, this co-sleeper provides a separate, safe space for newborns during co-sleeping with parents. Also an ideal center for tummy time & playtime. Tummy time enhances toddler neck strength. Makes it easy to transition to baby crib sleeping without extra pads.

  • ✅[DESIGNED WITH LOVE] Smooth like a velvet nest. We use crisp, luxury, 100% breathable cotton premium fabric. No excessive sweating. No ripping, pilling. The 1.8″ soft, 100% polyester foam mattress provides perfect spine support. No sinking. Feels like floating on nine clouds. All materials met OEK-TECH 100 safety certification, safe & hypoallergenic.

  • ✅[EASY TO USE, REVERSIBLE, ADJUSTABLE] Big & strong zipper. No snagging. Very easy to remove bed covers for regular washing & cleaning. Designer fabric with 400 thread count cotton. Nest cover is machine washable. Gets softer and smoother after every wash. Reversible and usable on both sides. Larger size 35″ x 22″ fits most babies.

  • ✅[COMPACT, PORTABLE, CONVENIENT] Compact and only 3.5 lbs. Convenient and portable as a baby bed for bedroom, living room, outdoor & travel. Can fold and fit in a suitcase. Super easy to install the nest for first use. Easy to uncover for washing.

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How to choose baby lounger for newborns

When choosing a baby lounger, the size of the newborn should be taken into account first. For premature babies, manufacturers offer the smallest models that they must use in the hospital for better adaptation of the baby.

For newborns with a small weight of up to 7 pounds, there is also a separate size of cocoons. The most common option is for babies born with a weight of more than 6 pounds.

Then it’s worth thinking about the manufacturer. It can be a factory-made or handmade baby lounger, in any case, parents should read reviews about the use of products of a certain brand or master and carefully study the parameters of the proposed product.

Mattress-shaped cocoons usually have an orthopedic base and facilitate the correct posture of the newborn.

Cocoon-nest is a flat mattress surrounded by bumpers. It simulates some tightness for a newborn, similar to a mother’s tummy. In it, the baby feels under maximum protection. It is made with knotted sides for future transformation as the newborn grows.

The cocoon carrycot often has comfortable handles for carrying your baby from place to place. This is especially convenient for parents who often travel out of town.

Some parents prefer not to spend money on baby loungers in the form of a mattress or nest, they prefer to wrap the baby in an envelope or use a cocoon diaper at a more affordable price, but in this case there is no question of maximum imitation of the state of the newborn in the mother’s womb.

Which baby lounger shape to choose for your baby is a personal matter for each parent. The main thing to pay attention to is the quality of the materials used, as well as its weight (ideally, it should not exceed 4 pounds). Before you buy it, you should check the presence of a limiter and a fixing belt for the safety of the crumbs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each fashionable device for newborns has its supporters and opponents, pointing out all their advantages and disadvantages. Baby lounger for babies is no exception to the rule.

Among the advantages, the following are noted:

  • The cocoon provides a useful position for the newborn in the early days, close to being in the abdomen.
  • Statistics show that a baby’s sleep in a cocoon is calmer and more comfortable.
  • Positioning a newborn with raised legs in a cocoon helps prevent or relieve colic.
  • The soft surface of the baby lounger contributes to the correct formation of the newborn’s skull.

The disadvantages include:

  • High price. When a baby is born, parents have a lot of necessary purchases, a baby lounger for a newborn only increases these expenses.
  • Short use. If the crib is enough for several years of the baby’s life, then the baby lounger is needed only for the first three to four months. After that, they put it in the pantry to gather dust or try to sell it.

How to use baby lounger

The baby lounger should be installed so that the sides of the crib are at least 8-11 inches higher than it for the safety of the baby. Putting it in a stroller or low carrycot is highly discouraged.

Before putting the newborn in the baby lounger, it needs to be set up. To adjust the baby lounger, you need to remove the protective pillowcase and put the baby for a short while with his head on the narrow side in order to find the most comfortable position for him. After the newborn has taken a pose with his head to his chest, and his legs are slightly raised thanks to a special roller that parents need to put under the butt, the baby lounger is ready for use. As the newborn grows up, it will be necessary to adjust the position of the restraint in the baby lounger from time to time. The main thing is that he stays right under the crumbs’ bottom. It is also necessary to lay the baby in such a way that he does not push off with his heels from the edge of the baby lounger.

They put the newborn to sleep on a baby lounger covered with a sheet and, for reliability, fix it with the supplied belt.

As soon as the baby has learned to roll over (approximately at 3-4 months), it’s time to abandon the baby lounger.

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