How long should the child sleep in the crib

How long your baby can sleep in a cot with bars is primarily determined by the size of the bed in combination with the height of your child. If you have decided on a convertible cot with a length of 1.40 meters, your child can sleep in it on average up to the age of 7 or 8. That is why such beds are also known as junior beds. The cot with a length of 1.20 meters usually reaches its limits in the 5th year of life.

How long should the child sleep in the crib

There is no general answer to the question of how long your child should sleep in a crib, as a look at the discussions in numerous parent forums shows. Some parents change their bassinet when they are around two years old, while other mums and dads actually wait until the bed becomes too small for the child. A post from a parent forum sums it up: “Your sweetheart will show you when it’s time for the big bed.”

Nothing can stop children

At some point, the toddler will overcome this hurdle and jump out of bed. Keeping a child in bed forever and locking up makes no sense. On the contrary, if the child wants to get out on their own, they should be given the opportunity. Some cribs allow you to remove a few bars. This makes sense, so the child can get up at any time and, for example, run to the parents’ bedroom.

What are the advantages of moving out of the crib

In addition to body size, children’s development also plays an important role. Agile children try to climb the bars at an early age. This would be when you should take off the grilles or at least take out the slip bars. This is for your child’s safety, as they could be injured if they fall from the gate. If the child’s bed does not have removable bars or pull bars, this would be the time to switch to a normal bed. If you have concerns that your child might fall out while sleeping, place a thick rug or the mattress of the cot in front of it. With such “climbing maxes”, it’s time to remove the playpen from the children’s room and instead switch to the significantly higher safety bars.

Moving out of the crib early on ensures independence

Most parents switch from the equipment for the baby room to the junior equipment when the children can go to the potty independently. This is usually the time when your child begins to feel locked in with bars in the cot. You will notice this because your child is more and more reluctant to go to bed and screams when it is put in bed. The change from an extra bed to a barred cot should be made much earlier. This is due to the fact that the length of one meter and the width of half a meter are no longer sufficient for most children at around 15 months of age.

If you move your child into their own room at an early stage, you, as parents, have more peace and freedom to look after your relationship, which in most cases suffers considerably from the care and care of babies in the first few months after the birth Demands your time and attention.

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