Dream On Me Chloe 5-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer, Black review

While waiting for the newborn, parents begin to prepare a sleeping place for him in advance. Which cribs to take? And for twins? It needs to be comfortable, safe and functional. And not for a couple of years, but at least before school. The problem may be in the size of the apartment. It is difficult to fit a bed, a chest of drawers and a changing table in a room without taking up a lot of space. Such tasks are solved by a convertible crib. She combines several pieces of furniture at once.

Let’s the Dream On Me Chloe 5-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer, Black review helps you making a decision.

Dream On Me Chloe 5-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer, Black

Product Detail

The Dream On Me Chole is a Life Span crib that effectively corresponds to the growth of your baby. The crib when outgrown, converts to a toddler bed, a day bed and finally a full size bed. This is a longstanding piece of furniture. Solid in construction and tastefully designed this crib is a wise investment for any family. Available in five beautiful finishes allowing you to design your own customized nursery by coordinating with other Dream On Me furniture accessories. Mattress and changing pad not included. Bedrails sold separately.

How to choose a convertible crib?

As such, there are no rules for choosing convertible crib. It is necessary to consider all the elements and components separately, while not forgetting about the appearance of the finished product.

You should pay attention to the material of the furniture, the quality of the system, options, what kind of bed transformation, and other important details.

When choosing, you should correctly calculate the required area of ​​the mattress, because in any case, the sleeping place must satisfy the person’s needs for comfortable and free sleep. Whether it’s a children’s bed or a double bed, be sure to lie down on the mattress, check the convenience of being on it.

Depending on the design and component parts, the price of the product is formed. The simplest dresser bed will cost a small amount, and an elite wooden wall with glass and mirror inserts can greatly devastate the family budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of convertible cribs


  • Most models are capable of adapting to the child’s increasing height. We just lengthen the bed. Save on a new bed.
  • Lots of features. Constructions including a changing table, chest of drawers, playpen, shelves for baby clothes. There are cots that become a cozy sofa or table when the child is very old.
  • Comfort and safety. The sides will not let the child fall out. Many cots can be attached and secured to the parent’s. Swinging with a pendulum will ensure you fall asleep quickly, giving your mom’s tired hands a rest.
  • There are cheap models.


  • In a very small nursery, such a bed will take up a lot of space. The reason is that convertible cribs are slightly larger than normal ones. Basically, all models are capable of increasing the length, but not the width of the berth. And for the increased length, you will have to take a new mattress. Beds with a chest of drawers also have a drawback – many mothers complain about a narrow chest of drawers that cannot accommodate all of the child’s things.
  • The changing place in some models is flush with the bedside table. Because of this, it is very small and narrow, which does not allow you to properly care for a newborn, and swaddle it.
  • Probably the first two or three weeks you will be able to carry out hygienic procedures, but then the child will actively pull his hands and knock on the sides. After which, of course, the child cries loudly.

Interesting ideas for a children’s room

A good solution for a nursery is a table-bed, decorated in bright colors. This purchase eliminates the need to allocate additional space under the table.

If there are two children living in the room, a sofa is perfect for the room, which transforms into a bunk bed. It is successfully used in such rooms a wardrobe-bed, in which folding beds are located next to each other.

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