Crib VS Bassinet: what to choose from birth

Is your baby going to be born soon? When you are future parents, you quickly realize the large number of equipment you need to buy to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Despite their small size, newborns take up space, starting with everything you need to plan for their room. If there is one criterion that should not be neglected, it is sleep. The choice of bed is therefore essential.

Given that the first six months of his life, the baby sleeps 14 to 18 hours a day, it is as much to say that the choice of bed or bassinet is essential. Then comes the dilemma: a bassinet vs a crib, which one to choose? People around you can give their opinion, but it is possible that their choice is based solely on aesthetics or other criteria of minimal importance. Obviously, the reliability question, it seems limited. So, your heart swings, you hesitate between the two! We weigh the pros and cons of each to help you make up your mind.

Crib VS Bassinet what to choose from birth

For his first nights at home, the baby must sleep peacefully

For nine long months, your little one was snug and warm in your tummy. It would therefore be more popular to recreate this feeling of a cocoon. A crib? For a newborn, it might seem huge and cold! The baby will be much more comfortable in a bassinet. Baby can sleep there for a while (between 6 and 10 months) after the crib can take over.

The bassinet is the best ideal baby bed from birth to 3 months. For his first nights at home, the baby must sleep peacefully. This assumes that he feels safe and contained in a restricted environment, like in his mom’s womb. But also that he is close to his parents to sleep. The baby is reassured, and the nights are quieter.

A true cocoon of well-being and comfort, the bassinet is either completely in fabric or a wicker basket. The advantage of this baby bed is that you can easily move it from room to room in the house. It is light and very mobile. You can keep the baby close to you during the day for naps or at night next to your bed. It is much more comfortable if you are breastfeeding. This avoids you having to go back and forth between your room and baby’s. For parents who do not wish to sleep with the baby, it is possible to place the bassinet in the crib for the night. The baby is safe and reassured in his cocoon.

For a long term investment, the winner is…

The crib, of course! Why? Quite simply because you will have to buy one for the baby anyway when your baby grows up. Other benefits: Babies will get used to where they will sleep from an early age during their first three years. If you want to keep it even longer, choose a convertible crib.

Baby cribs are now often equipped with a system that allows you to adjust the height of mattress height. Thus, when the baby is very small, you can position him on the highest notch so that you do not have to bend down to lie down or raise your little one.

Some cribs like convertible cribs can be upgraded and transformed into a toddler bed, daybed and full-size bed with headboard and footboard.This can be practical so as not to immediately clutter up the bedroom with a large bed.

To move easily from one room to another, you need a light and mobile accessory

Managing the feedings, changing the baby’s diaper, making him hear lullabies. One thing is certain; the obligations are not lacking. Thus, to avoid going back and forth between their room and their baby, some parents prefer that baby stays next to them by taking them everywhere in the house. In this case, we obviously prefer the bassinet. Most often, casters are integrated into its structure, and its size makes it easier to move from one room to another.

Small in size, the bassinet also offers the baby a real cocoon so that he feels safe and surrounded. You can therefore consider installing a baby bassinet in your room after returning from maternity during the first weeks. When you are ready, the baby can then continue to sleep in his bassinet, but in his own room.

Co-sleeper bassinet promotes breastfeeding and accentuates the relationship between mom and baby

The recognized advantages of co-sleeper bassinet are numerous, but there are some disadvantages, such as the risk of suffocation. Despite warnings, some parents seem unwilling to let babies sleep alone. A bit of advice? So that everyone keeps their sleeping space, choosing co-sleeper bassinet version bedside sleeper. This model has a removable side so that you can attach it to the parental bed, like an extension of the mattress.

Which is the most practical to take on vacation

Going on vacation with your baby cannot be improvised on a whim, of course, you have to plan and organize everything to avoid unpleasantly. On the bassinet side, there are folding, light, and space-saving models. On the contrary, the crib is cumbersome, but from the age of two, you will have to invest in a crib because baby will have more than doubled his size and tripled his weight at birth. Obviously, it, therefore, needs a larger space to sleep. Advice? Do not take the crib on vacation unless you have a large car and enough space. If it’s only for a few days, even prefer the co-sleeper. Another advice is to buy a pack and play. The pack and play is light, foldable, and can be turned to be a playpen for baby safety.

Estimate the space at home

The bassinet is of course not cumbersome, but when the baby no longer fits in it, what to do? Whatever happens, eventually you will still have to invest in a crib. What to do with the bassinet? If you have space to spare, save it for baby number 2, well if you plan to have another child someday. Otherwise, resell the bassinet! Better to avoid being cluttered with two different beds, especially if you are cramped.


You now know the difference between a cribt VS a bassinet. Easy to use on a daily basis, the bassinet offers a real cocoon to your little one. However, a long-term view and a more affordable price will tip the scales in favor of the crib.

To choose the right bed for your baby, you must ask yourself if you are nomadic parents or rather cocooning. Or rather followers of “everyone in their room” or co-sleeper? It’s up to you to choose the bed that will best suit your habits so that everyone finds their place in this new life!

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