BabyPrem Pack of 2 Fitted Cotton Moses Basket Sheets – 2 Blue review

When you’re about to welcome a baby into the world, life can become a series of puzzling purchasing decisions, and one of the first is where the baby will sleep. Standard cribs are too spacious for a newborn and, therefore, it is common to look for a lighter, more portable and reduced model for those first weeks, and the bassinet is the ideal solution.

A Moses basket like the BabyPrem Pack of 2 Fitted Cotton Moses Basket Sheets – 2 Blue is recommended for you. Read this review before you decide.

BabyPrem Pack of 2 Fitted Cotton Moses Basket Sheets - 2 Blue

Product Detail

These are a pack of 2 fitted baby moses basket sheets.They are perfect quality products made from 100% Cotton, machine washable at 40 degrees and manufactured in our own factory in the UK. Free UK delivery. All orders received before 12pm Mon to Fri are despatched the same day (except Bank Holidays). They will fit a standard baby’s moses basket and measure approximately 30 x 11″ (73cm x 28cm).

Why Moses basket?

The Moses baskets or bassinet basket may be an option for your baby to sleep in a comfortable and welcoming way and it is an easy option, light for moms and dads move from one room to another. But considering the limited use of a bassinet basket that is only suitable for the first few months of a baby’s life, is it worth investing in one then?

If, after reading the pros and cons below, you decide not to buy a Moses basket, it is good that you choose very well. The main advantage of basiness basket is that they last a long time – they can be used as a crib and junior bed.

Choosing a Moses basket


  • Lightweight and fairly easy to store.
  • Moses baskets are easy to move.
  • It can be rested on the floor, or raised with a Moses basket stand.
  • The baby feels comfortable and cozy.
  • Fabric hooded bassinet baskets keep your baby cool and shady.
  • It is cheaper than a baby crib.

The baskets are usually made bassinets strong wicker or corn. Many come equipped with a decorative mattress and covers to keep your baby cozy as well as adjustable hoods.


  • It can be used until your baby is able to pull it off, usually around three to four months.
  • Short handle, bassinet baskets are not suitable for carrying while your baby is inside.
  • It is a non-essential and extra cost baby equipment, especially if you are buying a new bassinet basket.

Moses basket stands

The wicker Moses basket should be placed on the floor on a flat surface – but if you prefer your baby to be higher up, you can invest in a wooden bassinet stan. These are generally collapsible and easy to store and some can be used to create a rocking bassinet effect to lull your baby to sleep.

Bassinet basket bedding

The baskets bassinets often come with blankets, sheets or blankets – but not all of them are used simultaneously. It doesn’t take that much to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature.

Safely use your Moses basket

Once we know the elements of a Moses basket and what its correct state should be, I will tell you about safety, what characteristics a carrycot must have to be safe for a newborn:

  • If the minimum depth was 10 inches it should not have a depth of more than 20 inches.
  • The mattress must be orthopedic and of the highest quality, adapting 100% to the shape of the carrycot you have, not all mattresses are suitable for all carrycots.
  • The material of the garments should be soft and washable.
  • If it is made of wood, it should not have splinters, look at this point

And again, I return to the issue of the rocker and the wheels, this point is the trickiest with respect to safety. If the structure fails, your baby is not safe.

What a baby Moses baske should look like

There are numerous models on the market, increasingly modern and with more additional elements since, despite being something traditional and past, it is back in fashion, as we mentioned, in line with the vintage trends of current design. Remember that it is not only a decorative element so that your baby’s room is super cute, it is a place for your newborn baby to rest and it must be the best, as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • Rigid and flat bottom of the carrycot, very resistant and with a firm base.
  • The mattress should be as tight as possible, without any gaps on the sides.
  • The wicker of the bassinet must be watched that it does not have any loose splinters as I said so as not to hurt the baby.
  • Be careful if you have wheels, which are practical for some things but if they are not reliable, they can cause more headaches than benefits.

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