BabyPrem Moses Basket Mattress 75cm x 28cm x 3.5cm Quilted review

When you’re about to welcome a baby into the world, life can become a series of puzzling purchasing decisions, and one of the first is where the baby will sleep. Standard cribs are too spacious for a newborn and, therefore, it is common to look for a lighter, more portable and reduced model for those first weeks, and the bassinet is the ideal solution.

A Moses basket like the BabyPrem Moses Basket Mattress 75cm x 28cm x 3.5cm Quilted is recommended for you. Read this review before you decide.

BabyPrem Moses Basket Mattress 75cm x 28cm x 3.5cm Quilted

Product Detail

Moses basket mattress approximately 29.5 x 11 x 1.5 inches (75cm x 28cm x 3.5cm), made from covered breathable foam. Conforms to regulations BS7177:2008 and A1:2011 and BS1877:Part 10: 2011 and A1:2012. Despatched within 24 hours Mon to Fri (excl bank holidays). Available as standard or quilted. Suitable from birth.

Why Moses basket?

Before seeing what are the advantages and disadvantages and how to choose the Moses basket, I will explain what it is in case someone does not yet know what a baby bassinet is, also known as a wicker carrycot or palm bassinet.

The wicker baby bassinet has two main parts:

  1. A wicker basket (palm baby carrycot)
  2. A firm base (foldable in some cases, others with wheels)

The Moses basket has a mattress and clothing, a coating that covers the wicker and softens the possible contact of the baby. This mini-crib is a classic, many of us must have slept in bassinets basket. If you comment to grandmothers or moms, they will know it perfectly. With the theme of fashion, everything returns and the taste for vintage and retro has also reached the world of the baby and the bassinet basket is a clear example in the theme of the baby’s sleep.

It is used during the first months, it is normally oval, with rounded edges so that babies cannot suffer any damage and it is made of a single piece. It usually has handles so that only the carrycot can be transported.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Baby Moses basket


  • It is cheaper than a wooden mini-crib
  • It will help you a lot in the first months for your baby’s sleep because the space will be smaller and it will be more collected.
  • It is easy to transport, with the handle, and light, especially if the baby is not inside.
  • You can move the baby without picking him up or waking him up when he is sleeping.
  • It is very likely that if you ask there is even one at home and you can reuse it (more vintage impossible) with the emotional charge that could be the charm of your baby sleeping in the carrycot / bassinet where you did.


  • What is good for those first months can be an inconvenience because you will ask yourself if it is worth buying something that you know in advance that they will only use it for 4-5 months, 6 at the most if the carrycot is one of the large ones. (You should also put on that scale not only the economic side of the investment for something of a few months, but the fundamental thing for the baby’s sleep and rest, the fact of having a reduced space and according to their first needs after leaving the uterus mother to a “hostile” world)
  • It does not serve as a crib reducer nor can you co-sleep with it.

Safely use your Moses basket

  • Pick up the Moses basket with one hand to hold the straps and the other the base of the support basket.
  • Check that the straps on the bassinet basket are properly in good time to do so.
  • Wicker bassinet baskets should fit down on the floor, on a flat, not raised surface – unless you have a bassinet basket stand.
  • Inspect the Moses basket regularly for wear.
  • Do not use your bassinet basket once your baby reaches the maximum size and weight the basket can hold.

Whether you inherit it, or if you borrow it, you should pay close attention to this, because not everything goes and if it is not safe and complete, do not risk the integrity of your newborn:

  • They must be all the pieces and in good condition (if not see if you can buy or repair but very attentive to the attachment points on which will go cart and weight)
  • Be careful with the handles, check that they are very strong, and that they are not loose from the wicker so as not to have scares moving the newborn.
  • The structure must be solid and in perfect condition to support the baby’s weight.
  • If the frame has wheels, check that the brake works.
  • Check that the wicker is not broken so that any splinter can come out between the clothes and stick to your baby
  • Also note that there is no type of bug inside, which over the years, if not well preserved when stored, can get moth-eaten or even have other types of animal deterioration.

Moses Basket
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