Baby Relax Juniper Metal Toddler Bed Guardrail, Champagne Gold review

Start by asking yourself about your real need for a toddler bed. If you have little space, a bunk bed, a loft bed, or a combined bed may be essential. But be careful because these children’s beds often cost a little more than the others. If you run out of storage, turn to a bed with drawers.

Here is the Baby Relax Juniper Metal Toddler Bed Guardrail, Champagne Gold review to help you choose the right bed for your child.

Baby Relax Juniper Metal Toddler Bed Guardrail, Champagne Gold

Product Detail

  • Traditional design metal Baby Relax Toddler Guardrail in a non-toxic Champagne gold finish
  • Converts the Baby Relax juniper metal Crib into a safe and sturdy toddler bed (sold separately)
  • Vertical slats with a middle opening
  • Some assembly required, hardware included
  • 1-Year limited warranty

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Type of child bed

A comfortable and beautiful bed is a must for a child’s room. The well-being and even health of the child depend on how cozy and comfortable the sleeping place is. When choosing a children’s sleeping bed, several nuances should be taken into account at once: the age of the child, the quality and environmental friendliness of the materials from which the product is made, the safety of the structure.

A single children’s bed from a year can be made of solid wood or laminated chipboard. The first option is, of course, preferable, but the price for such a product will be quite high. Before buying, carefully inspect the fasteners at the joints, check the back and sides. They should be perfectly smooth without roughness and notches. Recently, practical transformer beds for children from 1 to 10 years old are in great demand among parents. These models have a sliding mechanism, and as needed, you can expand and lengthen the berth yourself.

A crib for a toddler who is already 3 years old will delight the buyer with its practicality and a large selection of designs. So a model for a boy can be made in the form of a car, a ship, or an animal, and for a girl, there are options in the form of a carriage or a castle. If the children’s room has a small area, it is worth taking a closer look at products with drawers and functional loft beds. They take up little space and are equipped with bedside tables, a desk, a sports or play corner.

Teenage beds can be made in a fabulous, sporty, or classic style – “adult version”. As for the size, the width of the bed ranges from 70 cm to 140 cm, and the length reaches 200 cm. The ergonomic sofa bed for a child looks very interesting. This model fits perfectly into any interior and makes it more stylish and elegant.

For families in which two teenagers are growing up at once, manufacturers have provided double and even three-bedroom options. It can be a classic wooden bunk model or a practical pull-out bed for two children. The main advantage of these products is their compactness. They can easily fit even in a small room.

How to set up a child’s room with a cabin bed?

The advantage of a cabin bed is that it allows you to gain enough storage space so as not to take up too much of the bedroom surface. You can already store some of your little angel’s belongings in the drawers below the bed. Next, create high shelves on the wall. Not only do you save space, but in addition, they will add a touch of decoration to the room. To make the bedroom cheerful, put bright colors in the said room by coloring, for example, the shelves with warm hues. These are perfect for giving the impression of a larger space.

How to set up a child’s room with a bunk bed?

A bunk bed can be placed in the middle of your child’s room as well as on the side. You can take advantage of the free spaces to install storage furniture such as a wardrobe or drawers. For more space, opt for shelves to be fixed on the walls. You can store your sheets, books, notebooks or even clothes there. You can also install bins or boxes at the foot of the bed. Your child can store their toys there. Another tip is to set up a desk with drawers that will serve as a workplace and cabinet.

How to choose a toddler bed

So, to summarize – how to choose a bed for a child so that his rest is as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are some basic tips:

  • decide in advance on the location and make the necessary measurements; for a crib with a pendulum mechanism, provide additional space for swinging;
  • consider for how long you take the product: the cradles are designed for children up to six months, classic models can last up to 3 or 4 years, transformers – up to 10 years;
  • decide if you will buy additional baby furniture, such as a swaddle or chest of drawers – if not, consider purchasing a transformer.

It is better to purchase a bed in advance so that the smell of new furniture has time to disappear before the baby appears. Do not forget about additional accessories: mattress, protective sides, and baby underwear.

If you need additional advice on choosing, our specialists are always ready to provide complete and comprehensive information on each product that we have in the range.

How to store the underside of a child’s bed?

There are quick, easy, and effective tips to help you gain more storage space. The first and easiest is to focus on decluttering. You will find that after getting rid of all the things that are no longer useful to you, the underside of your child’s bed will be clearer. You can then install plastic bins on casters or cardboard boxes, which are very practical and easy to clean. These elements can be used as storage space under a child’s bed. You can store your sheets there. Arranging drawers is also an excellent choice. Your child can put their favorite things or even their toys there.

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