Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, Ear Protection Earmuffs Noise Reduction for 0-3 Years Kids/Toddlers/Infant, for Babies Sleeping, Airplane, Concerts, Movie, Theater, Firework (Mint Green) review

The baby playpen or pack ‘n play will not only help to find additional time for household chores, but will also save the nerves of young parents. In such a structure, children can play and relax.

The Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, Ear Protection Earmuffs Noise Reduction for 0-3 Years Kids/Toddlers/Infant, for Babies Sleeping, Airplane, Concerts, Movie, Theater, Firework (Mint Green) is a good play or play cot for your baby. Read this review before making a decision.

Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, Ear Protection Earmuffs Noise Reduction for 0-3 Years Kids/Toddlers/Infant, for Babies Sleeping, Airplane, Concerts, Movie, Theater, Firework (Mint Green)

Product Detail

➤Lower the Noise, Not the Fun, with comfort Ear Protection for Babies.

Want your baby or toddler to see the world with you, but are afraid to risk too much noise and possible damage to their ears? We are here to help.

Designed specifically for newborn infants, toddlers and children, our noise canceling headphones are the product you’ve been looking for. Comfortable, adjustable, and incredibly lightweight (under 7 oz), Our ear protection headphones are created to put absolutely no pressure on your child’s ears or head.

They are perfect for all sorts of activities including:
-Firework Shows and Improved Sleep While Traveling
-Cheering on your dad’s 22nd Gold Medal race like Boomer Phelps
-Watching mom and dad in concert like Blue Ivy (Beyonce / JayZ) or River Rose (Kelly Clarkson)
-Helping out to mow the yard or with workshop projects
-Going to sporting events, car races or air shows
-Water skiing, boating and other water sports
-Music concerts or band rehearsals
-Watching shooting or gun competitions and hunting
-Calming young children in noisy environments
-Movie theaters or theme park rides


Material : PU leather ear cushion padded with soft foam
Size : 6.3*6.3*2.7 Inches
Weight : 0.7 pounds
Noise Reduction Rating :SNR26dB/NRR31dB noise reduction ability
Include :
➤1x Premium quality baby ear protectioner
➤3 Year full replacement warranty

For protect our lovely baby, we need Add to Cart now!

How to choose a pack ‘n play

Among the important parameters that you should rely on before buying a play or crib arena, we highlight the following:

  • the size
  • the form
  • the presence of wheels
  • the size of the cells and the distance between the slats
  • the presence of a hard bottom
  • the possibility of folding
  • additional accessories
  • colors

Playpen size

The more spacious the playpen, the more comfortable the child is. However, the dimensions affect the weight of the structure: it is not easy to transport and the resistance to overturning is lost. For trips, it is better to buy a small lightweight arena, for stationary use it is heavier so that it is impossible to turn it over. At the same time, the playpen should not take up too much space in the apartment.

Pay attention to the sides of the arena: 35 inches is considered the optimal height value – this is how adults are comfortable looking after children. For parents of short stature, we advise you to pay attention to this parameter in the first place and choose an arena with a height of no more than 27 inches.

Arena shape

In terms of shape, playpens are square, polygonal, oval, round, and angular. For pack ‘n plays, traditional rectangular and square shapes are often used. For a small apartment, a corner arena is suitable – it does not require a lot of free space and at the same time is spacious.


It is useful to have such an element for a multi-level playpen-bed. Wheels make it easy to move it around the apartment. For reliability, pay attention to the presence of a blocker on the wheels. The latch will prevent the structure from unintentionally moving around the room.

Mesh size and spacing between slats

Children’s ophthalmologists do not like playpens with small nets. It is believed that constantly looking through a net is unhealthy. The cells should not be too small, but also too large to avoid injury. And the mesh itself, choose a light color.

When buying a wooden playpen, take into account the distance between the slats: the optimal clearance should be about 2-3 inches. It is more difficult to stick your arm, leg, or head in them and get stuck. It is also worth inspecting the surface of the slats so that they do not have chipping, chips, and poorly processed areas.

Having a hard and stable bottom

Having a hard bottom will help your child develop correct posture, but the comfort level suffers from it. Therefore, for pack ‘n plays, a hard bottom is combined with a soft foam mattress in the complete set.

Folding possibility

All folding playpens-beds are divided into “books”, “umbrellas” and beds with horizontal folding. “Books” and “umbrellas” are more compact, have a split bottom, and are more suitable for transportation. The horizontal fold is more cumbersome (sidewalls removed), but a solid bottom is used. When using a mattress, it is better to give preference to more compact folding models: “playpen-book” or “arena-umbrella”. Bottom and wall fastening locks prevent spontaneous folding of the structure.

Availability of additional accessories

Additional accessories will make using the playpen even more practical. For example, plastic rings embedded in the net or hanging will provide support to hold onto when your child begins to walk.

When buying a crib, pay attention to the presence of a motion sickness mechanism: this will help the child fall asleep faster.

  • For changing procedures, some models have a special removable table.
  • Toys, an arc or a bracket, which are often included in the kit, will help to entertain the child.
  • Parents will also appreciate the presence of a convenient bag for transporting folding models.
  • If you plan to use the pack ‘n play outdoors, it is recommended to choose the model with a mosquito net.


For a pack ‘n play, it is better to choose muted pastel and neutral shades. Bright colors can be selected for a separate play area.

Types of playpens

Before buying a playpen, you need to decide what exactly it is for: maybe the baby will not only play there but also sleep? Do you plan to move the arena around the room, or will it stand in one place? Do you want a simple but practical and inexpensive model, or choose a more expensive playpen with a bunch of additional features like a night light or a storage box for toys? Consider what popular arena models are presented in the range of children’s stores.

Pack ‘n play

The main difference between the pack ‘n play and the usual playpen is that it can be easily transformed into a comfortable sleeping place for the baby. Most models have a folding mechanism, so you can take it with you on a trip. Such a pack ‘n play is suitable for children from birth to two years old: you can adjust the height of the walls, the model is often complemented by a changing table, a mobile with toys, compartments for toys and clothes, and also has a side door with a zipper. Also, most pack ‘n plays are equipped with wheels, so it is convenient to move it around the room without disturbing the child’s sleep.

Net playpen

The net playpen is one of the most popular models among parents. First, it is lightweight and compact and is easy to fold and stow away. Mesh playpens can be either triangular (conveniently placed in a corner), and classic square, as well as in a variety of colors. Also, mesh models are usually inexpensive, but you should not chase the cheapest price, because such an arena can be made of low-quality materials and will quickly become unusable. Besides, ophthalmologists warn that prolonged stay in the mesh arena can lead to visual problems in the baby.

Wooden playpen

Wooden playpens were especially popular 10-20 years ago, but modern models are also in great demand. Despite their imposing appearance and even bulkiness, such arenas are very strong and durable. And the comfortable wooden slats are so comfortable to hold when the child learns to stand and walk. When buying a playpen, pay attention that the gap between the slats is no more than 6 centimeters, so that the baby is not tempted to try to crawl between them and get stuck, and also that the tree is carefully processed and does not leave splinters.

Inflatable arena

A simple and inexpensive model that suits babies up to one year old. Then the arena may no longer withstand the weight and active games of the child, and there will be not enough space for movement in it. Also, the inflatable arena can be used as an inflatable mini-pool, but only under the supervision of adults!

Pack N Play
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