Baby Multifunctional Rocking Chair 0-36 Months Baby Sleeping Bag Swing Shaker Shaker Soothing Electric Cradle Ultimate Edition Pink review

Along with the usual stationary cots, you can find cozy and soft cradles for newborns in baby stores. It is believed that in such a cradle the baby will be more comfortable, because its shape resembles mother’s favorite tummy. Also, thanks to the design of the cradle, it is easy to rock the child, and there is no need to take him on the arms.

Thinking about Baby Multifunctional Rocking Chair 0-36 Months Baby Sleeping Bag Swing Shaker Shaker Soothing Electric Cradle Ultimate Edition Pink? Read the review in our article!

Baby Multifunctional Rocking Chair 0-36 Months Baby Sleeping Bag Swing Shaker Shaker Soothing Electric Cradle Ultimate Edition Pink

Product Detail

Application: 0-36 months
Weighing: 16 kg
Features: Shaker
material: metal
Function 1: Adjustable seat, easy to fold
Specialty 2: cradle speed regulation
Function three: infrared remote control
Specialty 4: Natural cotton linen jacket
Folded size: 75x59x27cm
Expanded size: 88x75x65

Why does a baby need a cradle?

During the period of waiting for the baby, the parents add to the hassle of acquiring everything the little man needs. To think over and equip a sleeping place for a baby is one of the main concerns.

The market for baby products is so wide that moms and dads are lost in the choice. What is better to buy for a baby: a cradle or a regular crib? What is a cradle – a beautiful whim of mothers or a modern, comfortable item in a children’s room? Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of the cradle and how justified its purchase is.

Pros and cons of the cradle

A cradle for newborns offers many benefits. But there are also disadvantages that are important to consider when choosing the first bed for a child. The convenience of the products primarily lies in the fact that there is less space in the cradle for a newly born baby. It feels more secure than a large crib.

The cradle bed itself takes up less space, it is mobile, it can be transported and carried without disturbing the child. It is equipped with casters, which facilitate the movement of furniture, and allows children to be rocked. Some model designs of such cradles provide for the possibility of motion sickness in different planes. Sometimes the product provides for an automatic motion sickness mode.

A modern baby cradle may include additional options, for example, the ability to install a mobile with toys, connect lighting.

The disadvantage of the product can be considered a limited operational period, which is associated with the dimensions of the swing cradle. This is due to the fact that after six months, the child may simply not fit into the cradle, but also the sides of the furniture are low enough, which creates a danger when children begin to sit down and crawl.

Why take a baby in your arms

Fortunately, many modern parents refuse to apply to infants from birth such educational measures as “letting one shout out” in a crib, teaching them “to be independent” (this is a nursing baby!), And most importantly – in no case take it in your arms so that he does not get used to and does not spoil. Now it has been scientifically proven that these harsh methods will not bring anything except an undermined psyche and violations in the relationship between parents and children in the future. Children should not be left alone to learn to be their own pacifiers, as parents sometimes advise. This detached approach to childcare is contrary to both common sense and experience. In the course of research, it has been repeatedly proven that in the absence of a mother, children behave more nervous and disorganized.

Increasingly, experts say that unrestricted carrying of a child in his arms contributes to his development, both physical and mental. There is a so-called “manual period” (up to about three months; after three months, the baby also needs to be carried in her arms, but not all the time), during which the baby must be constantly carried in her mother’s arms. And if he does not receive this due to the fact that the mother decides “not to teach the child to hand,” then the baby may withdraw, stop trusting his mother and not ask for a hand at all, because he gets better alone. Some children begin to demand what nature itself has laid in them (this is also called the innate expectation of a baby), namely: unlimited carrying. And if the mother for some reason does not give this to the child, then her actions do not correspond to the innate expectation of the baby, and then he becomes restless and often cries. Children, who are often and a lot carried in their arms, as well as kissed and stroked, develop better, are calmer. They direct their energy not to continuous crying, but to growth. Moreover, the positive effect of bodily contact between a mother and a child is noted throughout the living world.

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