Baby Multifunctional Rocking Chair 0-36 Months Baby Sleeping Bag Swing Shaker Shaker Soothing Electric Cradle Platinum Edition Pink review

The child’s first furniture should be completely safe, provide coziness and comfort, and create a sense of protection. The choice of a cradle for newborns must be approached with special care. In this case, the materials from which it is made, the swing mechanism and the possibility of its fixation, the size of the berth, additional elements – electronic modules, wheels, etc. are taken into account.

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Baby Multifunctional Rocking Chair 0-36 Months Baby Sleeping Bag Swing Shaker Shaker Soothing Electric Cradle Platinum Edition Pink

Product Detail

Application: 0-36 months
Weighing: 16 kg
Features: Shaker
material: metal
Function 1: Adjustable seat, easy to fold
Specialty 2: cradle speed regulation
Function three: infrared remote control
Specialty 4: Natural cotton linen jacket
Folded size: 75x59x27cm
Expanded size: 88x75x65

Why does a baby need a cradle?

The cradle is used to ensure the comfort of the baby, as well as to reduce the stress on the mother. In this case, the most comfortable conditions are created for the newborn, in which he feels protected. The presence of the vibration block contributes to the transmission of sound, as if inside the womb – there he heard mainly the vibrations created by the voice of others and passing through the water. Therefore, vibration has a positive effect on the condition of the child, allows you to calm him down. And the measured rocking of the cradle only enhances the effect.

Deep sides, the ability to create dim light, soft finishing materials – all this creates additional comfort. As for the mother, her convenience is ensured by the compact size and low weight of the cradle. It can be placed near the bed, you will not need to get up at night. You can also put it in the kitchen while your parents are preparing food. Portability is one of the biggest factors. You can rock the baby not in the hands, but in the cradle, so that the back is less tired.

What is a cradle?

A traditional cradle is a small cot or basket mounted on special supports or suspended by handles. The main purpose of the product is to rock the baby. All models, even the simplest, can cope with this function. More expensive items can be supplemented with various options and useful accessories. Some psychologists are sure that a baby who has recently left a cozy tummy is comfortable sleeping in a cradle, where he feels protected. In such a “nest” all conditions are created, in many respects similar to those in which the baby spent 9 months. According to the parents’ observations, the child, who during the first months fell asleep in the cradle, subsequently easily adapts to a more “adult” crib.

Why take a baby in your arms

Why take a baby in your arms A child who is accustomed to being 9 months in a cozy cradle-womb becomes scared from the spaces around him. After all, a newborn is so small compared to the outside world. Developing inside the woman, the baby constantly heard the beating of her heart, felt the warmth of the body. After birth, not yet knowing how to distinguish objects, the little one can easily identify the mother by the smell and biological fluids emanating from her.

This does not mean that the toddler should be worn from morning to night. But until he adapts to the world around him, they take him on handles not only for feeding. Doctors call the first months “wearing out”. The baby still lacks motor skills, visual function is imperfect, and the thermoregulation system is poorly developed. All this negatively affects adaptation. Being in close proximity to the mother, the baby calms down, the transition to the new developmental conditions occurs smoothly, without stress.

The skin-to-skin communication method is especially important for premature babies. With constant contact with the mother, the baby’s temperature stabilizes, the blood sugar level normalizes, and the metabolism improves. The closer the mother is, the better is the physical and mental development of the baby.

For the first 90 days of life, the baby cries not only because he is hungry or sick – he is afraid to lose contact with his mother. Through communication with her, trust in the world is being established. If during this period a woman ignores the crying of the child and rarely picks it up, the baby develops anxiety. A constant feeling of discomfort in the future develops into a feeling of uselessness.

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